Academic Policies and Procedures

Policy 02:09:00

Evaluation of Student Performance

Purpose: To establish requirements and procedures for student evaluation  in face-to-face (eCompanion) and blended (eCombination).

Revision Responsibility: Dean of Nursing

Responsible Executive Office: Dean of Nursing

Created: July 30, 2009, Revised: January 17, 2011 to reflect revised organizational chart, May 30, 2013 to reflect ACEN 2013 Standards of Accreditation


I. Faculty are encouraged to use a variety of methods  (examinations, quizzes, projects, essays, etc.)  to evaluate student performance. The evaluation of student learning must measure the achievement of student the student learning outcomes.

II. The types of evaluation methods used and the frequency with which they are schedule must provide sufficient and timely feedback to the students during the quarter to allow them to periodically assess their progress in the course.  If a student is in jeopardy of failing a course at mid-term, it is the faculty member's responsibility to initiate the Student Action Report (SAR) process.  A SAR is an electronic document used by Platt College faculty, staff, and administration in the advising process with students.  A SAR is a signed record of an advising meeting or action.  If a student does not sign the SAR, the SAR is still filed in the student's academic file.  The faculty member should meet with the student to go over the SAR and form a corrective plan of action.  Student Action Reports are available through docusign.


I. All student evaluation  activities should be graded and returned to students in a timely manner.

II. Faculty will conduct end-of-the-course and laboratory examinations or final projects at the scheduled time for that term. Requests for exceptions must be approved by the Dean of Nursing or Faculty Chair with approval from the Registrar prior to rescheduling the examination or final project.

III. Students taking an in-class final examination at the end-of-course will take the examination at the scheduled time for that quarter. Final course examinations will be scheduled during the final week of the course. 

IV. End-of-the-course examinations or projects, if not returned to the students, must be kept according to Policy 07:03:00 Retention of College Records.