Academic Policies and PRocedures

Policy 02:19:00

Examination Scheduling/Rescheduling Requests


To define the College's policy for examination scheduling outside of the classroom setting and to define the College's policy for rescheduling of examinations

Revision Responsibility: Associate Dean of Nursing

Responsible Executive Office: Dean of Nursing

Created: August 6, 2014, Revised: September 16, 2014 to include Rules in the Student Services Testing Center, July 8, 2016 to include additional Rules in the Student Services Testing Center and to add to the list of prohibited items in the Testing Center.


Disability Accommodation for Exams

Students whose disability requires them to take examinations with accommodations must make arrangements with the Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator as stated in the Section entitled Procedures for Perspective Students and Enrolled Students from Policy 03:05:00 ADA.

Exam Rescheduling

All efforts should be made to avoid missing a scheduled examination, including ATI examinations.  If a student has an extenuating circumstance and an exam needs to be rescheduled ahead of the scheduled examination date, the student will need to submit a Request to Reschedule an Exam form to the applicable faculty member.  The faculty member may approve or disapprove the request. Work schedules, travel schedules, and vacation plans do not serve as extenuating circumstances for an examination or an ATI examination to be rescheduled. ATI examination rescheduling must be approved by the Dean of Nursing or Associate Dean of Nursing.

If a student misses a regularly scheduled examination, he/she should coordinate taking the make-up exam and/or in turn in any missing assignments with the faculty member within a week of returning back to class. Consequences for taking the exam late are left up to the faculty and are identified in course syllabi. Students must contact the Executive Administrative Assistant to schedule a make-up exam in the Student Services Testing Center.

Students are reminded that the Honor Code is in effect for the entire exam period as stated in Policy 02:17:00 Academic Integrity.  The Code prohibits asking for, or giving, any information between students about administered exams, including seemingly innocuous statements like the exam was "easy" or "hard."

Before any examinations are taken in the testing center, both the student and proctor must complete and sign the Student and Proctor Testing Center Checklist. 

Rules in the Student Services Testing Center

All students and examinees are required to be aware of and abide by the following:

  1. Students must be in full view of the cameras at all times. Students cannot touch camera. Proctor has right to adjust cameras at any time during the testing process.
  2. Students will receive scratch paper and a writing utensil provided by the College for any examinations. All scratch paper, including any used paper, MUST be turned in before you leave the Testing Center.
  3. No personal belongings are allowed at the computer/work station - all backpacks, pencil bags, purses, books MUST be stored in the proctor's office.
  4. Once you receive your exam or it has been initiated on the computer you may only leave the testing site to use the restroom.  The test proctors must be notified that you are leaving the testing center to use the restroom. If number of visits or time spent in restroom seems excessive, proctor has right to deny any further restroom requests. 
  5. No food or drink allowed in Testing Center.

Prohibited in the Testing Center:

  1. Cellular phones, all watches, including (iWatches), iPods, iPads, notebook and tablet computers, ANY and ALL other forms of electronic devices. All items listed are prohibited unless necessary for medical reasons, doctor's statement required.   All items listed must be turned into proctor prior to testing.
  2. Hooded sweatshirts, bulky coats or sweaters, visors, sunglasses, or hats. All items listed are prohibited unless worn as a religious requirement or for medical reasons.
  3. Headphones of any kind, listening devices such as radios and/or media players or recorders. ONLY headphones and earplugs provided by the Testing Center are allowed for noise reduction.

Any violations of the above testing center rules the exam will be stopped and the student will be referred to the Associate Dean of Nursing.