Student Policies and Procedures

Policy 03:02:00

Student Travel


To establish guidelines for Platt College student academic and activity travel.

Revision Responsibility: Student and Career Services Coordinator

Responsible Executive Office: Dean of Nursing

Policy Appendices: Release and Idemnification Agreement, Student Travel Request Form

Created: July 30, 2009, Revised June 9, 2015 to include revised Student Travel Request Form


I. It is the policy of the College to promote safety and to encourage students to engage in safe conduct when traveling to and from college activities or events. This policy applies to all students enrolled in the College and faculty/staff who travel to an activity or event that is organized and/or sponsored by the College.

II. For purposes of this policy, an activity or event is organized and sponsored by the College when it has been planned and properly approved by the appropriate administrator.

This policy generally does not apply to clinical experiences, internships and community service activities. However, students are encouraged to follow the guidelines set out in this policy and the safe travel rules established by the college whenever travel is College-related.

III. In order to assure that the events or activities that involve student travel are within the course and scope of the college's mission, and that student safety issues have been addressed, travel undertaken pursuant to this policy must be authorized in advance by an appropriate administrator.

  1. To request authorization, members of the faculty, staff or sponsored student organizations who organize activities covered by this policy must submit a completed Student Travel Request Authorization form.  Whenever possible, the request should be submitted at least five (5) working days in advance of travel to the activity or event.
  2. The following information/documents must be submitted along with the Student Travel Request Form:

A. A list of participants including their names, local addresses and phone numbers, and the names and phone numbers of persons to contact in case of an emergency.

B. The name and phone number for the responsible College employee(s) who will be available to the students at all time during the travel and activity.

C. Completed and signed Release and Indemnification Agreements for each participant.

IV. All completed and signed Release and Indemnification Agreements and Student Travel Request Form should be submitted to the Student and Career Service Coordinator.