student policies and procedures

Policy 03:08:00

Employment Classification


To ensure that Platt College clearly articulates what constitutes employment attainment in order to use employment outcome measures as a tool for institutional effectiveness and as an indicator of program viability and quality. 

Revision Responsibility: Student and Career Services Coordinator

Responsible Executive Office: Dean of Nursing

Policy Appendices: Graduate Placement Classification Form, Release of Information Form

Created: January 5, 2011, Revised June 9, 2015 to update forms to Graduate Placement Classification Form and Release of Information Form (forms deleted include: Regular Employment Form, Self Employment Form and Career Advancement Form)


  1. The employment classification is appropriate and reasonable based on the educational objectives of the program.
  2. The employment is for a reasonable period of time, is based on program objectives, and can be considered sustainable (e.g., not a single day of employment).
  3. The employment is directly related to the program from which the individual graduated, aligns with a majority of the educational objectives of the program, and is a paid position.
  4. The employment classification is verified by Platt College (and verifiable by third parties such as ACCSC) as follows:

a. Regular Employment:

i.    Platt College secures written documentation from the employer verifying the employment; or

ii.   Platt College secures written documentation from the graduate verifying the employment; or

iii.  In cases where Platt College can show diligent efforts have been made to secure such documentation without success, employment verification records that include a) the graduate’s and employer’s name and contact information, b) a signature of the Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator attesting to verbal employment verification with the employer and the graduate, and c) the date(s) of verification are acceptable.

b. Self-Employment:

i.    The self-employed graduate signs a statement – which includes the graduate’s name and contact information – acknowledging that the self-employment is aligned with the individual’s employment goals and is based on the education received, and that the graduate is earning work related income; and

ii.   The school secures some form of written documentation to demonstrate that the self-employment is valid such as a state license or certificate authorizing such employment.

c. Career Advancement:

Students that are already employed in a related field at the time of graduation can be considered employed when completing the program of study as follows:

i.    Platt College shows with written documentation from the employer or the graduate that the education allowed the graduate to maintain the employment position due to the education provided by the College; or

ii.   Platt College shows with written documentation from the employer or the graduate that the education supported the graduate’s ability to be eligible or qualified for advancement due to the education provided by the school.

Platt College is committed to regularly gather information through employee surveys (via email, social media, phone calls, letters, personal visits) from employers as a means to assess the preparedness of graduates for employment and make program modifications as may be necessary based on that feedback.