student policies and procedures

Policy 03:10:00

On-Campus and Online Student Services


To document Platt College’s commitment to student services for students enrolled in both on-campus and online education program(s).

Revision Responsibility: Student and Career Services Coordinator

Responsible Executive Office: Dean of Nursing

Appendices: Housing Resources List, Transportation Resources, Peer Tutoring Verification Form

Created: September 14, 2011, Revised: August 13, 2013 to include Turnitin and ProctorU, December 4, 2014 to eliminate Ask Academic and ProctorU, June 10, 2015 revision to policy title (change from virtual services to On-Campus and Online Student Services) and to include on-campus peer tutoring.

On-Campus and Online Library

The Qualified Knowledge Resource Library staff provides resources that meet the educational objectives and scope of the program, collaborates with faculty and students in individual, classroom and online settings, and assists Faculty with the instruction of information literacy standards to students.

The Virtual Knowledge Resource Library's mission is to provide online services that are equivalent to services provided at other similar campus libraries. The library provides the following services:

  • Reference Support: includes e-mail, in person and phone during library hours. 
  • Online library databases which contain journals and ebooks available 24/7 that meet the needs of the educational objectives and scope of the program.
  • Online library course via the portal for students and faculty that provides custom URLs and documents.
  • Interlibrary Loan Services

The Virtual Library was established to provide online search capabilities, reference materials, databases, journals and other research services to students and faculty. This service is accessible through the student portal.

On-Campus library services is available through the Knowledge Resource Library.

Career Services

Platt College’s Career Services is designed for all College students both online and on campus. The Student and Career Services Office is available for all students to assist them in writing or rewriting resumes; preparing for interviews; and/or looking for nursing occupations that matches their interests, skills and experience. Job opportunities are posted for students and alumni through social media or by appointments with the Student and Career Services Coordinator.


Platt College's Office of Academic Support and Career Services connects students in need of resources to appropriate campus or community services such as: housing, transportation, childcare, banking, further educational opportunities, and counseling services. Additionally the Student and Career Services Coordinator holds informational sessions throughout the calendar year on a variety of  topics designed to provide guidance and support during the student's academic career.

Copyright Clearance

Copyright Clearance's licensing and permissions services enable businesses/colleges of all sizes to use and share information with colleagues, partners, clients and others-around the corner or around the world. Academic faculty and staff at more than a thousand institutions license content through Copyright Clearance for coursepacks, e-reserves, course management systems, interlibrary loan and other classroom and educational uses.


Turnitin is utilized at Platt College for written papers to ensure compliance with such requirements as APA, copyright, avoidance of plagiarism, etc. In order to assist students in the avoidance of plagiarism, Platt College uses a process whereby students are expected to submit their papers to the Turnitin plagiarism software.

Simulation Electronic Health Record and Learning Sets

A simulation electronic health record and learning set allows students to learn all aspects of an EHR and work with patient data within the College's Simulation Lab. The system allows students the ability to uniquely interact with patients’ records in a simulated learning experience.

Online Tutoring: Smarthinking

Online student tutoring is available in every subject taught at Platt via the Smartthinking service. Students may visit the Smarthinking website for sample tutorials that demonstrate how the online tutoring platform works and how students and tutors interact in the process of addressing a question.

Students are oriented to Smarthinking tutoring their first quarter they are enrolled in Platt College in Study Success Class.

On-Campus Peer Tutoring

While the use of the online tutoring service, Smarthinking, is the preferred method of obtaining additional subject matter assistance, Platt College recognizes that sometimes additional help is needed. Students who demonstrate continual and consistent use of Smarthinking, with a minimum of 15 hours access to Smarthinking tutors, and are at risk of failing their course, may contact the Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator to set them up with a Peer Tutor. Peer Tutors are either current students or alumni that have registered with the Student and Career Services Coordinator who have demonstrated a high level of understanding in a specific subject area. Note: Because tutoring is available to help students with content curriculum areas across the spectrum of an entire course, separate tutoring for classroom, ATI, or final exams is not a separate form of tutoring.