Policy 03:23:00 Appeal for SAP for Loss of Financial Aid Eligibility

Revision Responsibility: Director of Financial Aid

Responsible Executive Office: President

Purpose: To outline the steps for an appeal for SAP for loss of financial aid eligibility


If a student has lost financial aid eligibility for failure to meet one or more of the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) minimum requirements, s/he may appeal his/her status by writing an appeal and submitting it to the SAP committee for consideration.

In order to appeal a student must:

  1. Submit a Financial Aid Appeal Form available online at plattcolorado.edu under Financial Aid Forms.
  2. An explanation of what circumstances or issues prevented you form successfully completing courses during the period of enrollment in which you were not successful;
  3. How the circumstances have changed and/or the issues have been resolved;
  4. Your plan to successfully meet the SAP requirements moving forward; and
  5. Available documentation to support your appeal (for example, if a student experienced a medical emergency, s/he should provide documentation showing the time fram, hospital stay, doctor recommendations, etc.)

Platt College has created a template letter as an example for students to use in creating their responses. 

Appeals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and approval is not guaranteed. 

How the Appeals Committee makes a Determination if an Appeal Should be Granted

  • the college has determined the student will be able to meet SAP standards at the end of the subsequent term given the merits of the appeal and reasonable resolution of a student’s extenuating circumstance; or
  • the college and the student develop a plan that ensures the student is able to meet the college’s SAP standards by a specific time or that the plan takes the student to successful program completion.

Students will be notified by the Director of Financial Aid of the outcome of their appeal. Under no circumstances can Probation be assigned to a prior term.

The College may notify students prior to the end of the term or prior to official posting of the financial aid SAP status if the student’s academic progress indicates s/he will be ineligible for aid at the end of the term. This includes students who withdraw from the term or fail to meet the terms of their conditional probation.

Reinstatement of Aid

  1. Students who lose financial aid eligibility because they are not meeting the college’s SAP standards will regain eligibility when they are again meeting the qualitative and quantitative standards as set previously in this policy.
  2. Students may also regain eligibility through the appeal process.
  3. Upon successful reestablishment of eligibility, the student will be awarded financial aid based on the availability of funds at the time of reestablishment.

Students may, or may not, receive all funds awarded prior to the loss of eligibility.

Appeals may be mailed, emailed, or delivered in person to Michael Vigil, Director of Financial Aid at [email protected] at 3100 South Parker Rd. Ste 200, Aurora, CO 80014.  The SAP Committee may review a student's appeal and request additional documentation, if necessary.

An appeal is not a guarantee of approval. 

Policy Appendix: Financial Aid Appeal Form

Created in Formal Policy: May 18, 2018

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