student policies and procedures

Policy 03:25:00

Financial Aid Administrative Capability


In accordance with 34 CFR 668.16 from Federal Student Aid Policies and Procedures, this policy documents the responsibilities of various College offices with respect to the approval, disbursement, and delivery of Title IV, HEA program assistance, and the preparation and submission of reports to the Department of Education.

Revision Responsibility: Director of Financial Aid

Responsible Executive Office: President

Platt College uses Campus Nexus for its student information and learning management systems in daily operations. The College's computer systems are backed up continuously by a professional software back up service.  Off site servers are backed up weekly or as data is entered.  Security measures are in place in accordance with federal guidelines and regulatory agencies.  Policy 07:19:00 Protection of Consumer Information Under the Gramm Leach Bliley Act, Policy 07:03:00 Retention of College Records, and Policy 03:03:00 Confidentiality of Student Records outline the College's specific security measures.  

Created in Formalized Policies: June 1, 2018 for electronic version


Platt College's Title IV programs are adequately and appropriately staff with executive leadership from the President for an average FTE of 225 students.  The President oversees and documents federal compliance as a means of checks and balances through the College's Quality Assessment Plan, which serves as the Title IV compliance documentation measured monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually. An annual financial and student financial aid audit is conducted. 

Offices that are involved in approving and disbursing Title IV aid include:

  • Director of Financial Aid and Financial Aid Officer (orders, authorizes, and verifies Title IV funds and verifies enrollment) (two staff members)
  • Chief Financial Officer (reverifies and disburses Title IV funds) (one staff member)

The job descriptions of the Director of Financial Aid and Chief Financial Officer serve as evidence of a clearly defined separation of function.  The Director of Financial Aid orders and authorizes funding, while the Chief Financial Officer disburses funds.  

Additionally, Platt College is staffed by individuals who work directly with students in accordance with federal policies and procedures:

  • College Registrar (schedules courses, maintains FERPA training, oversees Satisfactory Academic Progress records, verifies all credit, including transfer credit) (one staff member)
  • Coordinator of Admissions and Admissions Representative (guides potential applicants through the admissions process) (two staff members)
  • Student and Career Services Coordinator (guides students and graduates through gainful employment opportunities) (one staff member)
  • Title IX Coordinator (maintains crime statistics and oversees Title IX and Student-Right-To-Know policies and procedures) (one staff member)

Open office hours for students for the various offices at the College range weekly from 7:30 am-6:00 pm to allow accessibility to morning and afternoon student attendance.

Communication between offices occurs securely via College email and/or through Docusign documents that require signatures.