Finance and business policies and procedures

Policy 04:03:00

Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts


To establish responsibilities and procedures regarding the solicitation and acceptance of gifts to Platt College

Revision Responsibility: President

Responsible Executive Office: President

Created: August 3, 2009


I. Solicitation of Gifts

A. All activities related to solicitation and acceptance of gifts shall be implemented in a manner that serves the mutual interests of the donors and Platt College.

B. The President is delegated authority to approve and conduct activities for the purpose of soliciting gifts to the institution. The Platt College Board of Directors is the official entity at Platt College to accept gifts to support the college.

C. The President must approve solicitation of gifts that may require a commitment of institutional resources.

D. Solicitation for commercial purposes is prohibited on all property owned or leased by the institution.

E. Solicitation of dues and/or membership in an organization is permissible only by officially registered organizations of the College.

F. No solicitation of charitable funds shall be permitted unless the group, organization, or individual provides evidence to the institution demonstrating that the proposed activity is in accordance with charitable organizations.

II. Any group, organization, or individual desiring to solicit funds must submit a written request of the proposed solicitation to the college President for approval.


I. Acceptance of Gifts

A. The President of the college may accept gifts or grants on behalf of Platt College.

B. The President may accept gifts on behalf of Platt College in the following categories:

1. Cash gifts for scholarships;

2. Cash gifts for special projects (for example: community outreach activities, outstanding employee awards, capital campaigns, etc.);

3. Cash gifts for endowment;

4. Deferred cash gifts;

5. Deferred gifts through insurance policies;

6. Deferred gifts through various kinds of trusts;

7. Gifts of equipment not covered elsewhere in this policy.

C. Each gift will be acknowledged appropriately, ensuring compliance with conditions set by the donor and following college procedures.

D. Donated equipment to be capitalized will be tagged after it reaches its permanent location.