Personnel Policies and procedures

Policy 05:11:00

Resignation, Other Separation from Employment


To define processes for separation from employment that minimizes disruption of employee benefits and maximizes of college staffing and services.

Revision Responsibility: President

Responsible Executive Office: President

Created: August 5, 2009


I. Advance Notice of Resignation

In order to maximize continuity of college services to students and other customers, employees are expected to provide advance written notice of resignation to their immediate supervisor.

Resources as follows:                                           

  • Faculty – minimum of one full quarter
  • Administrative Staff – minimum of thirty calendar days
  • Support Staff – minimum of fourteen calendar days

II. Return of College Property

Employees separating from College employment for any reason must return all college keys, employee identification card, and other property in their possession before their final paychecks will be issued.


I. Resignation

A. The employee should contact his/her immediate supervisor to schedule an appointment for an “exit interview.”

B. The employee must contact each office on the “Employee Termination” form to return College property, close out computer accounts, etc.

C. The employee must return the completed “Employee Termination” form to the Chief Financial Officer after obtaining the required signatures.

E. The President or his/her designee will explain the impact of separation or retirement on employee benefits, leave balances, etc. during the exit interview.

G. The employee will be provided a copy of the completed “Employee Termination” form.

H. Final paycheck will be provided on the next regularly scheduled pay date. 

II. Involuntary Termination

A. The appropriate administrator will conduct an exit interview with the employee to discuss the impact of separation on employee fringe benefits, leave balances, etc.

B. The individual conducting the termination session with the employee will collect all college keys, workers’ compensation card, employee identification card, all college property at that time.

C. Should the employee receive notice of termination by certified mail, the Chief Financial Officer will request immediate return of college keys and other related college property.

D. Final paycheck will be provided within twenty-four (24) hours of termination.