Personnel Policies and procedures

Policy 05:12:00

Employee Performance Evaluation


To define a process for recognizing exemplary employee performance, providing feedback that can be used for improving employee performance, and assisting in making decisions relative to employment status.

Revision Responsibility: President

Responsible Executive Office: President

Created: August 5, 2009


I. General

All supervisors are responsible for continuous evaluation of employee performance relative to each employee’s job description, departmental goals and college goals. In addition, formal performance evaluations using college designated forms (Employee Self Evaluation Form-completed by employee) and (Employee Performance Review-completed by administrator) should be performed annually for each employee in accordance with the procedures included with this policy.

II. Archival of Performance Evaluation Forms

The original copy of each employee’s completed performance evaluation form will be filed in the individual’s personnel file.

III. Employee Copies of Evaluations

Employees should make a copy of their evaluation forms once they have reviewed and signed the forms. If the employee wants a copy of the form after it has been reviewed and signed by the employee’s supervisor, the employee may request a copy. (See Employee Performance Review)