PErsonnel policies and procedures

Policy 05:13:00

Faculty Professional Development


To designate responsibility for faculty professional development and establish the role of the college in supporting that development

Revision Responsibility: President

Responsible Executive Office: President

Created: August 5, 2009. Revised April 8, 2015 to remove request submission deadline of August 1, June 29, 2018 to add annual deadline in II.


I. Faculty are expected to take the initiative in promoting their own growth in their respective disciplines. The college supports these efforts through its leave and travel policies, and, to the extent permitted by available monies, funding.

II. As part of the evaluation process, all faculty are expected to develop goals related to their job performance and professional growth and development for the coming year. These goals must:

A. Be agreed to by the immediate supervisor;

B. Be clearly related to the individual’s teaching or other assigned responsibilities,

C. Address, as appropriate, any development needs identified during the faculty member’s previous evaluation, and

D. Take into consideration, when appropriate, college and department/division priorities.

III. Evaluation of progress on the goals will be a part of each individual’s annual faculty evaluation. If circumstances necessitate a change over the course of the year, the goals must be renegotiated with the appropriate administrator.


I. Goals for the coming year will be identified by the faculty member and negotiated with the appropriate administrator during the faculty member’s annual evaluation conference.

II. If agreed to by the administrator, any goals involving a request for financial support by the college for participation in off-campus events must be submitted to the appropriate administrator before the proposed conference or professional development opportunity.  Request for financial support must be submitted within the calendar year (January to December) to be eligible for reimbursement.

The request must clearly describe how participation in the event will enhance the faculty member’s ability to perform his or her assigned duties and describe how the individual will share the information gained with his or her colleagues.

III. Recommendations for funding will be submitted to the Dean of Nursing or direct supervisor based on the following criteria:

A. Participation in professional organizations as an officer, committee member, or presenter.

B. Participation in activities or attendance at conferences that will directly contribute to achievement of (1) institution, (2) instructional area, or (3) department priorities, in that order.

C. Attendance at professional conferences, workshops, etc. which will enhance the faculty member’s ability to perform his or her assigned duties.

IV. Limits on the amount allocated per faculty member will be determined annually based on the criteria, number of requests received and the amount of funding available. In general, no more than two people will be supported to attend the same professional meeting. It is expected that faculty receiving college funding will share the information gained with their colleagues.