Personnel policies and procedures

Policy 05:18:00

Full-Time Faculty Additional Workload Incentive


To provide a plan and mechanism to address how to maintain the integrity of the nursing program and more specifically, that learning outcomes are achieved, in the event of unexpected faculty shortage.

The desired outcome(s) of this plan are to: 1) to ensure sufficient full-time faculty and staff for continuity of the learning process and learning outcomes as outlined in requirements for accreditation, 2) to decrease full-time faculty burnout and increase retention of highly qualified, competent full-time faculty, and 3) appropriately address unexpected situations and then monitor action plans through the performance improvement process as part of program systematic evaluation plan(s).

Revision Responsibility: Dean of Nursing

Responsible Executive Office: President

Created: December 1, 2010


An incentive plan may be implemented when, in the event of unexpected or unanticipated faculty shortage, current full-time faculty members demonstrate capacity and willingness to address short term learning outcome needs for the purposes of maintaining continuity of the educational process. There is no expectation that any full-time faculty member teach an overload schedule in a shortage situation. However, full-time faculty who wish to teach an overload may volunteer to do so, if part-time faculty members are not available.

The following incentive plan may be implemented when required to ensure continuity of learning outcomes:

Step 1: The Dean or designee should present the details concerning the shortage to the members of the executive team in order to discuss potential implementation of the full-time faculty shortage staffing plan.

Step 2: If agreed upon by the Dean, an incentive stipend shall be paid to full-time faculty willing to take on an additional workload based on the following criteria:

A. The Dean have reviewed the proposed and current workload assignments and determined that a shortage of faculty exists.

B. Full-time faculty is available, capable, and willing to provide instruction for the courses that are vacant.

Step 3: An affiliate agreement shall be completed and the hours documented and payment shall be paid for each course over the maximum workload units in effect to each full-time faculty who agrees to teach more than 28 workload units or the equivalent for one quarter. Full-time faculty members shall be paid at the current fee per contact hour in effect for part time faculty. The fee payment shall be paid in accordance with the affiliate faculty compensation dates.

Step 4: The Dean shall monitor the course evaluations, course grades, and any other applicable feedback when the full-time faculty shortage incentive plan is implemented to ensure that quality of instruction is maintained and that full-time faculty are able to successfully perform when volunteering for and taking on additional workload units. The program deans may approve substitution of release time in lieu of overload pay, if the released time can be taken during the following quarter and the department course schedule for that particular quarter can be fully staffed without the full-time faculty member teaching his/her normal quarter workload and other faculty can absorb the workload without creating a need for another overload pay quarter.