Personnel policies and procedures

Policy 05:19:00

Staff and Administration Selection Criteria and Process


To assist administrators who are responsible for filling vacant positions at the College. Questions about administrative and staff employment policies and procedures should be directed to the President

Revision Responsibility: President

Responsible Executive Office: President

Created: January 2011, Approved: May 23, 2011


Platt College seeks to attract the best-qualified candidates who support the mission of the College and who respect and promote the College’s core values. The College is committed to equal opportunity and follows recruitment and selection practices that comply with all applicable employment laws. To this end, Platt College does not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation race, color, religion, age, mental or physical disability, veteran status or national origin in educational and employment opportunities, and is committed to the education of a non-racially identifiable student body.

Initiating a Search

The hiring supervisor should complete two steps:

  1. The administrator consults with the President to review the need for the vacancy to be filled, in the context of the continuing work requirements of the department and opportunities for improvement or greater efficiency.
  2. If it is determined that the current vacancy does need to be filled, the administrator prepares a draft job description, including the following essential information:
  • Suggested position title.
  • Type of position (regular or temporary, full-time, part-time).
  • Specific job duties.
  • Skills, credentials, and experience required.
  • Anticipated salary range.

The details included in a job description assist in attracting a diverse and broad range of qualified candidates. Requirements that are too rigid or narrowly defined may unnecessarily exclude some qualified candidates from serious consideration.

After the position is approved for posting, the administrator:

Sends the completed draft job description to the President.

The President will review the job description and the job advertisement to ensure that all College and legal requirements are met and that the advertising costs are appropriate.

Vacancies will be posted internally on the College’s web site and will advertise positions to assist in ensuring that the applicant pool is diverse and qualified.

Screening/Interviewing Candidates

Consistency in the screening of all applications is essential. Selection of candidates to be interviewed must be based on the nature of the position and qualifications of applicants.

The administrator responsible for overseeing the position is responsible for scheduling interviews and providing each candidate to be interviewed. All applicants who are interviewed must complete the Platt College Employment Application and other documents as requested in the search.

The administrator  may consider the use of telephone interviews to:
Clarify information provided on the application or résumé.
Discuss a candidate’s interest in the position.

Gather additional information about a candidate before travel expenses are incurred.

Offering the Position

After the preferred candidate has been identified:

  1. The administrator performs reference checks (and background check if appropriate to the position) to ensure that the committee is selecting an individual who meets Platt College’s core value of ethics and integrity before offering the position.
  2. The administrator and President collaborate to determine the starting salary. Consideration will be given to the competitive salary information available, the candidate’s job experience and the salary budget for the position.
  3. The administrator will draft a letter that confirms salary information, the tentative (or confirmed) start date, benefits information and, if appropriate, relocation reimbursement information.
  4. The administrator contacts all interviewed candidates who were not selected, to notify them that the position was filled and to thank them for their interest in Platt College.

Concluding the Search

If the candidate does not accept the job offer or if no candidate meets the hiring expectations of the search committee or the administrator, the position must be reposted and/or re-advertised.

If the candidate accepts the job offer, the administrator oversees the completion of hiring paperwork.