personnel policies and procedures

Policy 05:22:00

Policy on Reporting Employee Misconduct

Purpose: Platt College is committed to the highest possible standards of ethical, legal, and moral business conduct.  This policy provides an avenue for employees to raise concerns regarding the administration of Federal Student Aid Programs, possible violations of institutional or programmatic accreditation standards, violations of state regulatory requirements, unethical conduct, illegal conduct, and fraud-you may choose to report anonymously.  However, if an employee feels that their anonymity is not required then they should follow Policy 05:15:00 Employee Informal Complaint and Grievance Policy. 

Revision Responsibility: President

Responsible Executive Office: President

Policy Appendix: Employee Misconduct Form

Created: November 8, 2018

Policy: The compliance hotline policy is intended to cover serious concerns that could have a large impact on Platt College, such as actions that:

  • are unlawful
  • may lead to incorrect financial reporting
  • are not in line with the College mission
  • or are considered to be improper conduct

Issues that do not require anonymity should be directed to the employee's direct supervisor and in accordance with Policy 05:15:00. Every effort will be made to protect the report's identity.  The policy allows employees to remain anonymous at their discretion.  Concerns will be investigated and consideration will be given to the likelihood of confirming the allegation from the attributable sources.  Misconduct reporting is intended to be used for serious and sensitive issues.  Serious concerns relating to financial reporting, unethical or illegal conduct, should be reported by completing the misconduct form.  You may choose to remain anonymous.  

Although an allegation does not have to be proven true for an investigation to occur, the employee submitting a report needs to demonstrate in their report that there are sufficient grounds for concern.  If the reporter elects, a report addressing his/her concern can be provided.