Personnal Policies and Procedures

Policy 05:23:00

COVID-19 Leave for Full-Time Employees


Policy 05:23:00 COVID Leave Policy establishes a mechanism for compensated leave for full-time faculty and full-time staff members that have contracted COVID-19 and are required to isolate by Platt College in compliance with CDC guidelines after initial presentation of symptoms.  Full-time faculty and full-time staff are eligible to request a one-time authorization of leave for their verified COVID illness. This leave applies only to the employee who is ill and does not apply to care for other family members who are exposed to COVID-19 or have contracted COVID-19.

Revision Responsibility: Dean of Nursing

Responsible Executive Officer: Dean of Nursing

Effective: January 1, 2022

Created: December 2, 2021, Revised January 18. 2022 to include new guidance from the CDC

Attachment: Paid Time Off/Leave Submission Form

Employee Leave

Policy 05:23:00 provides paid employee leave for COVID until the employee is cleared by the Dean of Nursing to return to campus.  The leave provides coverage for the employee from the initial presentation of symptoms through the recommended isolation period under CDC guidelines. The number of isolation days is authorized by the Dean of Nursing and based on the individual case presentation and in accordance with current CDC guidelines. CDC guidelines are subject to change at any time. The employee is expected to return to campus once cleared. 

Verification and Authorization

Employees with COVID symptoms or confirmed COVID illness must contact the Dean for authorization of leave, for verification of illness, and for clearance to return to campus. Employees must notify Platt College at the onset of illness and must comply with directives for testing and clearance to return to campus in order to receive the leave benefit.               

Verification of COVID illness can be substantiated by submitting COVID-19 testing results to the Dean. There are various tests that can be used to verify COVID-19 including antigen tests and PCR testing.  The employee must submit test results for verification of a positive or negative test result. Some employees may elect to use testing kits approved for home use. Employees that do not have written confirmation of test results, can take a screen shot of a home test result to submit for confirmation.

Employee Isolation

Adherence to guidelines for isolation when one is symptomatic decreases the spread of illness and contributes to a safe campus environment. In some instances, an employee may be instructed to isolate and subsequently test negative. This policy will cover the initial days the employee is waiting for confirmatory results, provided testing was initiated based on Platt College’s guidance and that the leave was authorized.

Employee Quarantine

Additionally, the policy allows an employee that has been instructed to quarantine by Platt College to work from home with compensation until the quarantine period has expired. The quarantine criteria and time period for quarantine are determined by the Dean of Nursing based on individual status and in accordance with CDC guidelines.  The CDC guidelines do not require all employees exposed to COVID to quarantine and the instruction to quarantine is influenced by individual vaccination and booster status. 

Documenting Employee Leave

A Leave Request Form with the Dean’s authorization signature is required for: (1) COVID illness, (2)  employees awaiting testing who subsequently test negative, and (3) employees who need to quarantine. Completed forms must be submitted to the Chief Financial Officer for final authorization.

The completed Leave Request Form must identify any days missed from work on campus. The Leave Request Form will also be used to document dates of absence due to COVID-19 illness and the authorization for COVID leave. The COVID-leave is a one-time benefit per calendar year (January to December) through COVID illness, to not exceed 10 days, to assist an employee who needs to isolate due to COVID illness. If COVID related leave exceeds 10 days or if the employee contracts COVID more than once, the employee may use PTO days (which includes sick and vacation time together) or take days off from working physically on campus and working from home without pay.

This policy begins calendar year 2022 (January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022) and is eligible for renewal based on COVID illness.