Safety and Security Policies and PRocedures

Policy 06:04:00

College Medical Emergency


To establish procedures for responding to and documenting an accident, injury, or medical emergency that may occur on Platt College property.

Revision Responsibility: President

Responsible Executive Office: President

Created: August 6, 2009        


I. If a person becomes seriously injured or ill at Platt College, the Public Safety Office (911) shall be contacted for immediate response.

II. The President shall also be contacted.

III. All emergency transportation and treatment costs are the responsibility of the individual.

IV. Individuals may refuse medical treatment and may not be held against their will, unless they pose a threat to the safety of others.

V. All accidents, injuries, or medical emergencies involving students or college visitors shall be reported to the President.

VI. Faculty and staff shall report all on-the-job accidents, injuries, or illnesses immediately to the appropriate administrator and to the college President within 24 hours. 


A. Students, Employees, and Campus Visitors

1. If the sick or injured person is unable to provide instructions for medical treatment (unconscious, incoherent, or unable to rise), (911) shall be called. Do not move the person. The following information should be provided:

  • Location of patient
  • Nature of illness or injury
  • Your name, location, and telephone number

2. The President or (in his/her absence), the Dean of Nursing should be contacted to coordinate and control the situation. The individual responding to the emergency shall remain on the scene until emergency help arrives.

3. The Public Safety response team will determine whether the person is to be moved or transported by ambulance.

4. If the sick or injured person is able to provide instructions for medical treatment, then such treatment shall be followed as long as those present conclude that the affected person is physically and mentally sound. Individuals responding to the emergency are responsible for collecting information for the accident/medical incident report.

5. If the medical emergency or injury occurs in a classroom or laboratory, the faculty member shall assume responsibility for first attempting to communicate with the person and then call 911, if necessary.

6. If the medical emergency or injury occurs in or near an office, the person closest to the situation shall first attempt to communicate with the person and then call 911, if necessary.

B. Employees

1. An employee injured while performing an activity within the scope of his or her employment shall immediately report the incident to his or her administrator and within 24 hours.

2. The appropriate administrator shall advise and assist the employee in following necessary procedures to ensure that payment is made to healthcare providers for any necessary medical treatment, as well as following procedures for Workman’s Compensation claims, if necessary.