operations and facilities policies and procedures

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Visitors and Minors On Campus


To define policies for visitors and minors at Platt College in order to promote safety, security, and an effective learning environment

Revision Responsibility: President

Responsible Executive Office: President

Created: August 10, 2009, Revised: June 21, 2011 to reflect change in Section II, B


I. Visitors

A. All nonstudents visiting Platt College should check in at the front.

B. All nonstudents must have instructor approval prior to visiting classrooms.

C. Nonstudent visitors may not be computer labs at any time unless prior approval has been granted.

D. Nonstudent visitors may not be in laboratories or other hazardous areas (as defined by the College or individual College personnel) at any time, unless a member of the College staff escorts them for brief business visits.

II. Minors

A. Students and employees are not allowed to leave minors unattended on campus.

B. Minors are not allowed to accompany parents to class.

C. Individuals who bring minors to Platt College must maintain custody of the minor(s) while on campus and assume full responsibility for the actions and safety of the minor(s).

D. Any organized College activity involving minors must be approved by the President of the College or his or her designee prior to the initiation of the activity.