Operations and Facilities policies and procedures

Policy 07:10:00

Student Admissions Transparency


To facilitate accuracy and truthfulness in the admissions procedures while at the same time protecting the image presented by Platt College and assuring that the College complies with applicable federal, state, and local laws and ACCSC policies and guidelines

Revision Responsibility: Admissions and Marketing Coordinator

Responsible Executive Office: Dean of Nursing

Created: August 13, 2010, Final Approval: November 23, 2010; Revised August 11, 2014 to reflect ACCSC Standards of Accreditation Substantive Standards as of July 1, 2014, June 16, 2016 to reflect the ACCSC's revisions of the Standards and Criteria July 2015.



Platt College  must  observe  ethical  practices  and  procedures  in  the  recruitment  of  students and must,  at  a  minimum, adhere to the standards of recruitment to follow:

1. Platt College’s  recruitment  efforts  focus  on  attracting  students  who  are  qualified  and  likely  to  complete  and  benefit  from  the  education  and  training  provided  by  the  school  and  not  simply  obtaining enrollments.

2. Platt College’s recruitment efforts describe the school to prospective students fully and accurately and follow  practices  that  permit  prospective  students  to  make  informed  and  considered  enrollment  decisions without undue pressure.

3. Platt College  only  uses its own employees  to  conduct  student  recruiting  activities  and  is  prohibited  from  engaging  employment  agencies  to  recruit  prospective  students.  Schools under common ownership may employ a single recruiter.

4. Platt College is responsible to its students and prospective students for the actions and representations of its recruiters and representatives and, therefore, selects these individuals with the utmost care and provides adequate training and proper supervision. A school has and enforces an acceptable code  of  conduct  for  all  school  personnel  whose  primary  responsibilities  are  to  engage  in  recruiting and admissions functions prior to and during admission and matriculation. Platt College’s code  of  conduct  is  in  writing,  includes,  minimally,  all  elements  set  forth  in  Appendix IV, Substantive  Standards,  Standards  of  Accreditation,  is  signed  and  dated  by  the  individual  Platt College employee, and a copy of which is maintained in the individual’s personnel file.

5. Platt College’s personnel are trained and qualified to engage in recruiting activities and may only use a title that accurately represents the individual’s primary duties.

6. Platt College  complies  with applicable  federal  and  state  laws  and  regulations  pertaining  to tudent recruitment.

7. Platt College approves all promotional materials used by school personnel in advance and accepts full responsibility for the materials used.

8. Platt College  has  in  place  policies  and  procedures  and  takes  reasonable  steps  to  ensure  that  its  personnel  do  not  make  false,  exaggerated,  or  misleading  statements  about  the  school,  its  personnel, its training, its services, or its accredited status and to ensure that its personnel do not make explicit or implicit promises of employment or salary prospects to prospective students.

9. Platt College  internally  reviews  and  evaluates  its  recruiting  policies  and  procedures  and  the  performance  of  personnel  involved  in  recruiting  activities  for  compliance  with  accrediting  standards and applicable law and regulation at least once annually, and maintains documentation of the review and evaluation. The ACCSC Commission, at its discretion, may require a school to audit its recruiting activities for compliance with accreditation standards or applicable law and regulation using  a  qualified  independent  third-party  that  is  approved  by  the  ACCSC Commission  prior  to  the  verification review being conducted.

10. Platt College  shall  not  permit  its  personnel  to  engage  in  recruiting  activities  in  settings  where  prospective students cannot reasonably be expected to make informed and considered enrollment decisions  such  as  in  or  near  welfare  offices,  unemployment  lines,  food  stamp  centers,  homeless  shelters,  or  other  similar  settings.  A  school  may,  however,  engage  in  recruiting  activities  at  employment  opportunity  centers  operated  under  government  auspices,  provided  that  the  school  has permission to do so and that all other recruitment and admissions requirements are met.

11.  Platt College  shall  not  permit  the  payment  of  cash  or  other  similar  consideration  to  any  prospective  student as an inducement to enroll.

12. Platt College  shall  not  permit  its  personnel  whose  primary  responsibilities  include  recruiting  and  admissions  activities  to  assist  prospective  students  in  completing  application  forms  for  financial  aid.

13. Platt College  shall  not  permit  personnel  whose  primary  responsibilities  include  recruiting  and  admissions  activities  to  become  involved  in  admission  testing  or  admission  decisions,  including  signing and accepting the enrollment agreement.

14. Platt College clearly identifies itself in all advertising, promotional materials, and contacts made with prospective students.

15. Platt College provides the applicant with a receipt for any money collected.

16. Platt College personnel do not discredit other schools or influence any student to leave another school by:  falsely  imputing  to  another  school  dishonorable  conduct,  inability  to  perform  contracts,  or  questionable credit standing; making other false representations; falsely disparaging the character, nature,  quality,  value,  or  scope  of  another  school’s  program  of  instruction  or  services;  or  demeaning another school’s students.