Policy 07:11:00 College Communication

Revision Responsibility: Registrar

Responsible Executive Office: Vice President of Academic Affairs

Purpose: To establish registered contact information as the official form of communication from the College to students, faculty, and staff and to outline the responsibilities of students, faculty, and staff for checking and responding to information detailed in these communications.

Policy: Mail, email, telephone, Rave emergency notification, and ZipWhip communications have all been adopted as approved tools for official communications from Platt College. Only Platt College assigned email addresses will be used for official college email communication (i.e. firstname.lastname@plattcolorado.edu). Students, faculty, and staff should check their communication outlets regularly in order to stay up-to-date on important messages and notifications. Failure to read or listen to official College communications does not relieve students, faculty, and staff from knowing and complying with the content of official communications.   

Procedure: Official contact information is required of all students, faculty, and staff of Platt College. Official contact information is maintained by the Registrar. Should students, faculty, or staff want to change or update their official contact information registered with Platt College, they should update using the portal or contact the Registrar’s Office.

Created: January 13, 2011, Revised: November 29, 2011 to include official college assigned email addresses, June 14, 2016 to include Rave and ZipWhip as official tools of communications for Platt College.

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