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Policy 07:15:00

Instructional Recording


To provide information regarding the recording, capture, and distribution of recorded classes and/or workshops created by the College

Revision Responsibility: Dean of Nursing

Responsible Executive Office: Dean of Nursing

Policy Appendix: Faculty Instructional Recording Release Form

Created: April 20, 2012


I. The College utilizes photographic equipment, audiovisual recording devices, and capture systems to record course material, lectures, and presentations for distribution via course management system (My Platt College), password protected streaming, open streaming, digital disc, tape and other available formats.  These recordings shall be used for educational purposes only as part of the College's mission.  Recordings are stored on an electronic storage device (i.e. server).  Electronically stored material will be password protected.  All recorded material must adhere to FERPA.

II. The College reserves the right to permit and/or refuse the recording and distribution of sound, pictures, or video relating to any and all instructional programs of the College.  Recorded material of this type is intellectual property.  The College reserves the right to distribute the educational material via any medium it deems appropriate to the students.

III. Any recording and distribution of Platt College's intellectual property by an external individual, party, or entity without the written consent of the College is prohibited. Employees and students are not authorized to capture, download, or play the recording for any purpose other than for their own learning. 

IV. Recordings of any course material, lectures, presentations, conversations or exchanges of communications without the knowledge and consent of all participating personnel is prohibited.  Faculty and students engaged in class learning will know that recording is an activity associated with the class and that the recording is for the benefit of the group's learning and not for distribution or sharing with any individual or entity not directly affiliated with Platt College.     

V. Faculty and staff must consent to the recording and availability of recorded course material, lectures, and/or presentations that contain their voice and likeness.  The recording may only be accessible to those who are enrolled in or responsible for the College's educational program.  An exception to the required faculty consent occurs when there is passive participation, such as audience participation, or where the principle faculty member, presenter, or moderator has given approval for recording by signing a consent form.  The principle faculty member, presenter or moderator must notify engaged/passive participants either verbally or in writing that the session is being recorded in whole or in part.  Any verbal notification should be included as part of the recorded courses material, lectures, and/or presentations. 

VI. Except where FERPA regulations apply, student consent is deemed to occur under the following conditions: 

  • The faculty member has provided a written statement in the syllabus stating that course lectures and student presentations may be recorded for educational purposes.  Students officially enrolled in the course are bound by the course syllabus.
  • Course assignments require the recording of the student's voice and likeness.
  • The student is participating in an open or general forum as an engaged/passive participant in which the faculty member, presenter, or moderator has given approval for recording.