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Policy 07:16:00

Social Media


To provide information regarding the use of social media technologies to support engaged learning in meeting the College mission

Revision Responsibility: Admissions and Marketing Coordinator

Responsible Executive Office: President

Created: April 24, 2012, Revised June 6, 2015 to change revisions responsibility to Admissions, June 7, 2016 to change revision responsibility to Nursing Admissions Coordinator, wording of "social networking sites" to "social media sites", deleted Flickr, added instructional use of social media sites, deleted privacy section, relevant and respectful section, updated section 4 regarding how your role may impact how others interpret what you say.

Policy Introduction

Platt College welcomes the responsible use of social media technologies to support engaged learning and reach the College community, while meeting the mission of the College. Platt College intentionally uses social media to advance the College and build relationships with important constituencies like potential applicants, current students, program advisory committee members, Board of Directors members, and alumni. 

The platforms to accomplish this are numerous and include, but are not limited to, social media sites (like Facebook, Twitter), content sharing (through YouTube, iTunesU, Instagram, Pinterest and podcasts), and the College’s web presence (including My Platt College). Through these platforms Platt College communicates important information and engages others in areas of mutual interest.

The College also recognizes the open nature of social media which is often used for both personal and professional purposes.  Because of this open nature, social media can also create a sense of role ambiguity. It may not always be clear when one is speaking on behalf of the College, sharing facts, or sharing personal/professional opinions.  This policy is designed to help our employees and students navigate through this ambiguity and clarify certain responsibilities when posting material online.  It is important to remember that we are subject to the same laws, professional expectations, and guidelines when interacting online as we would in-person with College constituencies and the media.

Laws, Regulations, and Policies that Govern What You Can Post Online

This section outlines governing regulations that apply to all users of Platt College social media when posting material online. In some cases, violations could lead to disciplinary action or termination.

Protect confidential and proprietary information:

Do not post confidential or proprietary information about Platt College students, employees, or alumni. All persons must follow the applicable federal requirements such as FERPA and HIPAA regulations. Adhere to all applicable institutional and legal privacy, confidentiality and property policies and laws.

Respect copyright and fair use:

When posting, be mindful of the copyright and intellectual property rights of others and of the College.  For guidance, consult Policy 07:12:00 Ownership of Instruction Materials and Protection of Copyright.

Use Platt College intellectual properties only with permission:

  • No user may establish social media sites that use the Platt College logo or other intellectual properties such as photography, video, artwork, and publications copyrighted to the College without authorization from the College. It is a violation of the Social Media Site Policy to represent an institution without authorization.

Disseminating official information:

  • Only the Admissions Department and Dean-approved persons are responsible for posting and publishing online official information on behalf of the College. Platt College clubs and organizations are moderated by the Student and Career Services Coordinator. Faculty and student sites are not moderated by Platt College and may not represent Platt College’s views or opinions.
Guidelines for Institutionally-Sponsored and -Moderated Social Media Sites

These guidelines apply to institutional accounts that are set up, maintained and moderated by the Office of Admissions on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.  These guidelines also apply to department-moderated social media sites.

Institution-moderated social media sites:

  • Platt College has College-moderated social media sites managed by Admissions.  These sites can be used by the campus community to disseminate information to various audiences including potential applicants, students, alumni, and visitors of the College.  Individual departments may choose to establish a department-moderated site when these College-moderated sites are not applicable for their needs.  Departments are required to contact the Admissions and Marketing Coordinator to register these sites with the College.
  • As part of the social media framework, Platt College maintains an official presence on YouTube and other similar sites for content sharing.  These are maintained by the Admissions Department and moderated by the Dean of Nursing who oversees media transparency. Other departments and offices may contribute content to these official sites when approved by the Dean of Nursing. All college-moderated social media sites are required to be accurate and transparent in regards to institution specific information.

If you operate a department-moderated social media site(s):

  • Departments shall consider their particular audience, message and goals and have a strategy for keeping information on their social media site up-to-date.  The intention and purpose of the department-moderated sites should be specific in order to protect the College’s institutional voice.  Efforts shall be made to cross link to institution-moderated sites to College content on www.plattcolorado.edu when relevant.  Use of images, naming conventions, pictures/graphics and posted content must directly relate to the particular department or activity to avoid confusion with institution-moderated sites.

Administrative access to Platt College-sponsored social media sites:

  • The Admissions and Marketing Coordinator shall be included as an administrator on any social media site that is moderated and maintained as an official presence of the college. 

Instructional use of social media sites:

  • Faculty do not need to use our official college-moderated social media sites and can use these tools freely to support teaching and learning activities. Please reference the “If you operate a department-moderated social media sites” for further information. Faculty cannot require student participation on social media sites and this participation cannot be tied to student evaluations. Requests for exceptions to this rule should be brought to the Dean of Nursing.

Official Clubs and Organizations:

  • Official clubs and organizations may create an official web presence in consultation with the group’s advisor using social media or other web technologies as applicable.  Students should consider their particular audience, message and group goals and have a strategy for keeping information on their social media sites up-to-date.  These social media sites shall also be registered through the Student and Career Services Coordinator.  Use of images, naming conventions, pictures/graphics and posted content must tie back clearly to the particular group or activity to avoid confusion with institution-moderated sites.
Using College-Moderated Sites

This section provides guidelines for all approved moderators of Platt College social media sites.

Platt College Email:

  • Please reference Policy 07:14:00 College Email Policy in regards to proper use of Platt College’s email system.

Know the terms of service of your social media platform:

  • Be sure to understand and follow the terms of service of any social media platform you use. You are personally responsible for compliance.

Respect others’ privacy: 

  • Take care not to post private information concerning others such as an e-mail from a colleague or contact information.  Please exercise good “netiquette.”  Social media sites are in the public realm and are not appropriate venues for the discussion or dissemination of private matters.

Consider the intended audience when posting:

  • College-moderated sites are frequented by prospective students, alumni, friends, and other interested parties.  The College encourages thoughtful social media interaction and does not seek to censor contributions to these sites.  However, profanity, racist, sexist, derogatory remarks, content that incites hate or encourages unethical or illegal activities, comments on litigation involving the College, spam and off-topic remarks may be removed and the user could be banned from further participation on the site.

Be relevant and respectful:

  • Be thoughtful, accurate, relevant and respectful on College-moderated sites.  Our Platt College-moderated social media sites are successful when members contribute thoughtful and relevant content. Take care to ensure that your statements are relevant and do not violate confidentiality and others’ privacy. 
Recommendations for Utilizing Personal Social Media Accounts

Connecting with current students on social media sites:

  • Faculty and staff should keep in mind that the very act of “friending” currently enrolled students on social media sites may create a perception of favoritism among other students. Because it can be difficult to ensure a faculty member or staff member is “friends” with ALL students, the college discourages all employees from friending currently enrolled students or currently enrolled cohort groups. However, employees are encouraged to use social media to stay in contact and support Platt College graduates.

Understand how your role may impact how others interpret what you say:

  • Faculty and staff, if you choose to list your work affiliation on social media or identify your association with the College then you should regard all communication on that network as you would in a professional network.  What you publish online should never be attributed to the College and shall not appear to be endorsed by or originating from the College, unless you are authorized to officially act in this capacity on behalf of the College.  See Policy 05:06:00 Academic Freedom and Responsibility. 
  • Faculty, staff, and students should ensure institution-specific information is based in fact. If you post inaccurate information then correct it quickly.  Successful communication within social media sites occurs when the information is accurate and authentic.  Social media sites are interactive with a two-way flow of information.  Faculty and staff, if you are representing Platt College when posting, acknowledge this by including your name and job title or department as a signature to your post.

Social media technology is evolving and no policy or procedure can address all of the particular situations and circumstances that may arise. If a faculty, staff, or student has concerns regarding a College-moderated site, please contact the Nursing Admissions Coordinator.