COVID-19 Updates and Resources


Response for Resurgence

The spring quarter will include a combination of face-to-face and remote online instruction. Faculty and students should plan and prepare themselves for a blended approach to instruction, as well as for the potential return to remote instruction, should a need arise due to COVID-19. 

Getting started:

  • Download the mobile versions of Canvas and Zoom. These systems and platforms offer free downloads in the Google Play and Apple Stores, for both Apple and Android devices. They are also available through the My Platt College portal. Also, be sure to download Rave and Platt College email for access to the latest information from the College. Access Office365 for Microsoft documents like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

If there is a resurgence of the virus locally that will require us to revert to entirely remote instruction, it will likely be on very short notice. Therefore, faculty and students should be prepared for this pivot to occur with 24-hour notices.

President Basler will serve as the administrator that will communicate changes via the College's email and/or emergency RAVE system and/or social media as applicable