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If we are bringing in transfer credits, will our class schedules change?

Class schedules will not change. If you are bringing in transfer credit, you may be on campus less days per week.

what happens if we do not pass a class?

Students are allowed two attempts at a class. Failure to pass the second time will result in removal from program.

can we choose when we take a class?

Class schedules are determined by the registrars office and are released 30 days in advance to the start of the quarter.

Completing your BSN at Platt College in 3 years is filled a lifelong learning experience that will prepare you for a career for professional nursing practices.

3 Year Program Breakdown

Introductory Year

quarter one
NSG 231Nursing Process and Contemporary Nursing Practice3
BIOL 223Human Anatomy and Physiology I (with lab)6
NSG 151Introduction to Nursing Informatics4.5
ENG 121Reading and Writing in College I4.5
quarter two
NSG 232Basic Principle of Patient Centered Care4
NSG 232LLaboratory, Basic Principles of Patient Centered Care2
NSG 232PPracticum, Basic Principles of Patient Centered Care1
BIOL 224Human Anatomy and Physiology II (with lab)6
MAT 107Foundational Math4.5
quarter THREE
NSG 282Health Assessment and Health Promotion3
NSG 282LLaboratory, Health Assessment and Health Promotion2
NSG 282PPracticum, Health Assessment and Health Promotion1
BIOL 206Introduction to Microbiology (with lab)6
COM 125Interpersonal Communications4.5
quarter FOUR
NSG 250Advanced Principle of Patient Centered Care3
NSG 250LLaboratory, Advanced Principles of Patient Centered Care2
NSG 250PPracticum, Advanced Principles of Patient Centered Care1
NSG 290Pharmacology6
BIOL 300Pathophysiology (with lab)6

Sophomore Year

NSG 385Nursing Care of Adults and Older Adults I4
NSG 385PPracticum, Nursing Care of Adults and Older Adults I3
CHEM 121General Chemistry (with lab)6
BIOL 112Nutrition in Health and Illness4.5
NSG 386Nursing Care of Adults and Older Adults II4
NSG 386PPracticum, Nursing Care of Adults and Older Adults II3
PSY 101Introduction to Psychology4.5
PSY 151Human Growth and Development4.5
NSG 345Nursing Care of Families and Cultures2
NSG 387Nursing Care of the Pediatric Patient/Client3.5
NSG 387PPracticum, Nursing Care of the Pediatric Patient/Client2
PHIL 112Critical Thinking4.5
HS 150U.S. History and Government4.5

Junior Year

quarter eight
NSG 388Nursing Care of Persons with Mental Health Impairments3.5
NSG 388PPracticum, Nursing Care of Persons with Mental Health Impairments2
SOC 101Introduction to Sociology4.5
STAT 250Introduction to Applied Statistics4.5
quarter nine
NSG 312Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family3.5
NSG 312LLaboratory, Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family1
NSG 312PPracticum, Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family2
HUM 101Arts and Culture: An Introduction to Humanities4.5
quarter ten
NSG 380Community and Population-Based Nursing4
NSG 380PPracticum, Community and Population-Based Nursing3
NSG 410High Acuity Principles of Patient Centered Care4
NSG 460Research Methods for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice4.5

Senior Year

quarter eleven
NSG 420High Acuity Nursing Care4
NSG 420PPracticum, High Acuity Nursing Care2
NSG 451Nurses As Leaders3
NSG 451PPracticum, Nurses As Leaders2
quarter twelve
NSG 452Capstone: Transition to Professional Nursing3
NSG 452PPracticum, Capstone: Transition to Professional Nursing6

NSG Online Courses

Online Courses that are required, but worked into a student's schedule as allowed

NSG 233Nursing Care of the Aging Adult1
NSG 249Legal and Ethical Concerns Impacting Nursing Practice2
NSG 348Critical Thinking and the Nursing Process2