Reinstatement after Withdrawal


Students may voluntarily decide to leave a degree program to which they have been admitted and in which they are registered. In the event that they subsequently wish to return to registered and enrolled status, they may file a request for reinstatement. Approval to return will be contingent on a number of considerations detailed in this policy.   

I. Voluntary Termination of a Degree Program

Students who wish to terminate study in a degree program should submit a properly endorsed Request to Permanently Withdraw from Degree Program form to the Office of the Registrar.

This form authorizes the Registrar to close the student’s degree program and cancel the authorization to register.

Students who fail to be approved for a leave of absence are required to apply for reinstatement through the Admissions Office before they can return to the same degree program.

II. Reinstatement after Voluntary Termination

To return to a degree program after the termination of a degree program, the student is required to apply for reinstatement (if returning to the same degree program) or admission (if applying to a different program). Both applications do not require payment of a fee.

III. Reinstatement to the Same Program

All reinstatement requirement items below must be received in the Office of Admissions on or before the designated application cut-off date. After this date, the application will be processed for the subsequent term.

The decision to approve or deny reinstatement into the original degree program is made by the Admissions Committee and in accordance with Policy 02:23:00 Reinstatement after Withdrawal or Termination. The Admissions Committee is not obliged to approve reinstatements of students. Reinstatement decisions are made by the Admissions Committee and may be based on the applicant’s academic status when last enrolled, activities while away from campus, the length of the absence, the perceived potential for successful completion of the program, and the ability of the department to support the student both academically and financially, as well as any other factors or considerations regarded as relevant by the department or program.

Reinstatement Requirements:

  • A completed Application for Reinstatement
  • A meeting before the Admissions Committee to determine reinstatement status
  • Purchase and Complete Background Check at As stated in Background Checks for Students Policy Number 03:06:00: Valid and cleared background checks that have been previously completed will only be accepted within six months of the student’s official start date.  All background checks must be completed through American DataBank.  
  • If the student is granted re-admission to Platt College, the Registrar must re-review transfer credit from all institutions attended.  As part of the steps for admissions, students who reapply should send all official transcripts from any institution attended since their last enrollment at Platt College to the Registrar.  Because the student has a new start date, all transfer credit must be submitted for review during the first two quarters of the student's new enrollment date.  Transfer credit courses must still meet all requirement of Policy 02:14:00 Transfer Credit, including transfer courses being no more than ten(10) years old from the date of course completion.
  • Submit any updated vaccinations, including flu shot and COVID-19 vaccinations.  You must also submit an updated BLS/CPR for Healthcare Provider card, health insurance card, 10 panel drug screen, and physical (must complete Platt College School of Nursing Physical Form).  Please Scan and Email all items listed in Step 5 to [email protected] (All files must be JPEG/JPG or PDF format). Equivocal titer results will not be considered immune.