Reinstatement After Withdrawal or Termination

Students may voluntarily decide to leave the degree program to which they have been admitted and in which they are registered. In the event that they subsequently wish to return to registered and enrolled status, they may file a request for reinstatement. Approval to return will be contingent on a number of considerations detailed in this policy. 

Withdrawal from a Degree Program

A student who wishes to  withdraw his/her enrollment at Platt College for any reason during enrollment should meet with the Registrar.  It is expected that students will complete a Request to Permanently Withdraw from Degree Program form and a Student Exit Checklist.  Students are also required to notify the Financial Aid Office when a change of status occurs (i.e. change in name, address, phone number, attendance, tuition aid eligibility or any other item that may have an impact upon completion of the student’s education).  A student who voluntarily withdraws from his/her enrollment is eligible to reapply to Platt College. 

Termination from a Degree Program

Students may be terminated from the program by the college for a number of reasons including, but not limited to: attendance, not returning from LOA, not returning from Temporary Suspension.  Students who were terminated from the nursing program for non-disciplinary reasons may file a request for reinstatement.  

Students who did not return from an approved Leave of Absence (LOA) must apply for reinstatement.

Reinstatement after  Withdrawal or Termination

To return to the nursing program after withdrawal or termination, the student must notify the Admissions Coordinator that he/she wants to apply for reinstatement and be cleared through the offices of the Registrar, Financial Aid, and Financial Services before consideration for readmission by the Admissions Committee. While a student's current financial standing with the College remains confidential, a student who is in active collections is not eligible for readmission until the financial holding has been removed. Former students who have been terminated from Platt College due to disciplinary action or academic policy violation are not eligible for reinstatement.

Students who are terminated from the nursing program for an academic policy violation due to exceeding the maximum allowed enrollments in a course are eligible to apply for reinstatement if they complete an LPN program from an programmatically accredited nursing program (i.e. ACEN) and become licensed as an LPN.

The Admissions Coordinator will inform the student about whether or not s/he is eligible for re-instatement after gathering information from each of these departments. If it is determined that a student is eligible to apply for reinstatement, the student must then complete the Reinstatement Admissions Process by the cut-off date for the upcoming quarter. The application does not require payment of the application charge. The Admissions Committee will then review the completed application items along with new applicants' application items. 

The applicant will then be reviewed and scored, according to the BSN Admissions Screening Tool. The committee is not obliged to approve reinstatements of students. Reinstatement decisions made by the Admissions Committee are based upon the BSN Admissions Screening Tool. Students will be notified of admissions status at the time new applicants are informed, in writing, by the Admissions Coordinator.

Approved Applications for Reinstatement

Students approved for reinstatement will need to purchase and complete a criminal background check, drug screen, and compliance tracking package through Complio and My Clinical Exchange. The student is reponsible for all costs related to clinical compliance. As stated in Policy 03:06:00 Background Checks for Students: Valid and cleared background checks that have been previously completed will only be accepted within six months of the student’s returning quarter start date.  All background checks must be completed through American DataBank and must be approved by the Dean of the Nursing Program. The student must complete and sign all documents and forms that are required of all new students. This includes but is not limited to the following forms:

  • Pass to Progress Acknowledgement Form
  • Student Informed Consent for Criminal Background Checks
  • Distance Education Self Evaluation
  • Authorization to Send Electronic Messages
  • Platt College Catalog Attestation and Accepted Applicant Checklist
  • Photography and Videography Agreement

The Reinstatement Requirements listed below must be submitted to the appropriate College departments. All items listed below must be received on or before the intended start date. After this date, the application will be processed for the subsequent term.

Reinstatement Requirements:

  • If the student is granted re-admission to Platt College, the Registrar must re-review transfer credit from all institutions attended.  As part of the steps for admissions, students who reapply should send all official transcripts from any institution attended since their last enrollment at Platt College to the Registrar.  Students may also be required to resubmit transcripts from any schools attended prior to Platt College, even if they were previously awarded transfer credit from these schools during their initial enrollment.  Because the student has a new start date, all transfer credit must be submitted for review during the first two quarters of the student's new enrollment date.  Transfer credit courses must still meet all requirement of Policy 02:14:00 Transfer Credit, including transfer courses being no more than ten(10) years old from the date of course completion. 
  • Students must meet with a Financial Aid Officer for their Financial Planning and Enrollment Agreement Appointment. The student is responsible for contacting the financial aid department to set this up.
  • Students must meet with the College Registrar after signing the enrollment agreement, but prior to beginning classes, for Satisfactory Academic Progress advisement.  It is the student's responsibility to schedule the appointment with the College Registrar.  Students' academic records and grades from their previous enrollment at Platt College will be maintained and will factor into their advisement including any academic warnings, probation, multiple enrollments or failures within any one course and/or multiple course failures across the curriculum. 
  • Students must submit all required clinical compliance items, including updated vaccinations and flu shot.  Students must also submit an updated BLS/CPR for Healthcare Provider card, current personal health insurance card, 10 panel drug screen, and completed Platt College School of Nursing Physical Form.  All items must be uploaded and approved in Complio and My Clinical Exchange.
  • Student must attend all or part of new student orientation.