Steps for Reinstatement

Reinstatement to the Nursing Program

In Quarters 7-12

How does Platt College define reinstatement?

Students who withdraw or are withdrawn by the College are eligible for reinstatement. Platt College defines reinstatement as a return to the nursing program where the student left off in their nursing program. Students who return for reinstatement are not counted once again as a new student in the program. Students who are eligible for reinstatement are not required to go back through a readmission committee or an orientation to return. While they may be required to meet with the Dean or Associate Dean of Nursing to create an academic plan of return to ensure success in the nursing program, they simply return to the program where they left off.

A student may only be reinstated once and may not be considered for additional reinstatements. In addition, if a former student is accepted for reinstatement and they do not progress in the program, they may not be considered for future reinstatement. If you are reinstated, you are only allowed one more failure. For the purpose of this policy, a "student" is defined as an individual that has progressed past the add/drop date of any quarter.

Are you eligible for reinstatement? Answer the following questions below to determine your eligibility.

Question 1: Are you current in your financial obligations to Platt College?

If you answer YES-you are not cleared for reinstatement.

A student who is in active collections (either by the College or with a third-party collections) is not eligible for reinstatement consideration until the financial hold has been removed. Students must meet Geoff Craver, Accountant ([email protected]) to determine how to remove financial barriers regarding returning.

Question 2: have you completed quarters 7 or above?

If you have completed quarters 7 or above you are eligible for reinstatement. If you have not yet completed quarter 7, please see the readmission policy.

Question 3: Did you withdraw during a quarter?

If you answer yes, you will need to wait until the following quarter to re-enter the college.

Question 4: were you terminated from Platt College?

The following statements serve as a guide if you are eligible for reinstatement If you were terminated from Platt College:

Eligible for ReinstatementNOT eligible for reinstatement
1. you successfully completed the first 6 quarters of the program (and are in quarter 7 or higher) and were terminated due to exceeding the maximum allowed enrollments in a course and are ready to return after a temporary suspension
2. you were terminated due to attendance
3. you were terminated due to not returning from an LOA and/or temporary suspension
4. you were terminated due to financial standing (eligible to return provided your account becomes in good standing)
5. you were terminated due to clinical compliance (eligible to return provided you are cleared through clinical compliance)
6. you were terminated from the nursing program for not meeting satisfactory academic progress requirements (The maximum number of failures across the program curriculum is three regardless of the category of failure [Grade D in nursing/science or failure in any course]. Failure of any four different courses at any point in the program will result in termination from the College.)
7. you are willing to successfully complete a detailed remediation period
8. you withdrew from the program during quarters 7-12
9. you have completed NSG 386, 386P with a grade of C or higher
1. you were terminated for disciplinary reasons
2. you were terminated for an honor code violation
3. you are in quarters 1-6 and were terminated from the nursing dues to exceeding the maximum allowed enrollments in a course
4. you fail to meet financial obligations of the program and do not meet them prior to reinstatement
5. you fail to meet the standards of a peer assistance contract or you elect not meet peer assistance requirements
6. you fail to meet admission requirements (e.g. cleared background check, 10 panel drug test, and compliance tracking needed for reinstatement)
Quarters and program progression are established by Platt College's BSN program sequencing. Decisions (e.g. transfer credit brought into Platt College) regarding the students' quarter statuses are verified by college administration.
Question 5: Who do I contact to learn more information regarding my eligibility to return?

Students who are interested in learning more regarding their eligibility to return should contact the college registrar, Antonia Dalpiaz at [email protected]

Question 6: is there a time limit to return for reinstatement?

There is a one-year time limitation from the last date of attendance to be considered for reinstatement. Students who re-enter will be considered enrolled under the current catalog and policies and procedures in place upon return.