Transcript Request

In order to receive or have an official transcript mailed to another college, university, or potential place of employment, thel Transcript Request Form below must be completed with a $5.00 processing fee per transcript.; current students do not have to pay this fee. Please make sure to completely fill out  the form before submitting. Upon receipt of the form and submitted, transcript requests are processed within 3-5 business days.  Should there be an outstanding balance on an account, Platt College will withhold issuance of a student's official transcript until the balance is reconciled. 

There are two ways to receive a transcript:

1. Please submit payment after completeing this form below to:

Platt College
Attention: Registrar
3100 S. Parker Rd. Aurora, Colorado 80014. 


2. Please complete the form below and then submit an online payment using the link. In the section "To Whom It May Concern" please specify the name that will be used to make the online payment. This will assist us in matching the transcript request with the online payment.



For questions regarding transcripts, please contact the College Registrar, Katie Dahl (303-369-5151 ext. 226).


My Student Information is as follows:
There is a $5.00 transcript fee, per transcript requested. Your request will not be processed without the $5.00 fee.