Sexual Respect at Platt College

Platt College is continuously taking steps to foster a culture that rejects sexual violence and educates community members about how best to prevent and respond to sexual assault on campus. Platt College is committed to providing a learning, working, and living environment free from discrimination, harassment, and gender-based misconduct.

In mid-2014, Platt College strategically committed to providing more resources for support, additional preventive education for students and employees, more policy awareness for College constituents, and easier public accessibility to documents regarding sexual respect. 

Resources for Support


LGBTQ Resources

Resources for Males

Preventive Education for Students and Employees

Initiatives taken towards preventative education include:

  • Platt College strives to be a leader in implementing policies and procedures that bring about real change in on-campus culture in the areas of gender equity and sexual respect.  These are among the steps taken in this direction:
  • Trained all College employees on sexual and racial harassment.  Training will extend into Title IX and the Clery Act during their annual training.
  • Provided all new students with information about Title IX, the Clery Act (Student Right to Know), and Sexual Respect on campus at New Student Orientation.
  • Provided lunch and learn opportunities for students and employees regarding sexual assault awareness and prevention.
  • Posted new and revised policies and procedures on the College website regarding Sexual Respect and Title IX.
  • Tasked the Academic Support and Career Services Committee to consider student and employee recommendations for enhancing sexual respect.

Policy Awareness for College Constituents

Documents Regarding Sexual Respect

For more information regarding sexual respect, please contact Platt College's Title IX Coordinator:

Michael Vigil at 303.369.5151 ext. 228

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