Student Policies and Procedures

Policy 03:01:00 Student Organizations and Clubs

Policy 03:02:00 Student Travel

Policy 03:03:00 Confidentiality of Student Records

Policy 03:04:00 Admissions Policy

Policy 03:05:00 ADA

Policy 03:06:00 Background Checks for Students

Policy 03:07:00 Drug-Free Campus

Policy 03:08:00 Employment Classification

Policy 03:09:00 Graduation and Pinning

Policy 03:10:00 On-Campus and Online Student Services

Policy 03:11:00 Withdrawal from the College

Policy 03:12:00 Return of Title IV Funds

Policy 03:13:00 Veterans Pending Payment Compliance

Policy 03:14:00 Financial Aid Award Policy

Policy 03:15:00 Federal Verification and Conflicting Data Policy

Policy 03:16:00 Leave of Absence (LOA) Policy

Policy 03:17:00 Repaying Your Loan

Policy 03:18:00 Financial Aid Disbursement Notification

Policy 03:19:00 Credit Balance Retention Policy

Policy 03:20:00 Course Repeats, Drops, and Withdrawals

Policy 03:21:00 Missing Student Policy and Protocol

Policy 03:22:00 Non-Discrimination Policy for Students

Policy 03:23:00 Appeal for SAP for Loss of Financial Aid Eligibility

Policy 03:24:00 Code of Conduct for Financial Aid

Policy 03:25:00 Financial Aid Administrative Capability

Policy 03:26:00 Fiscal and Cash Management for Title IV

Policy 03:27:00 Unusual Enrollment History Policy

Policy 03:28:00 Professional Judgment

Policy 03:29:00 Calculating Federal Pell Grant Awards

Policy 03:30:00 Yellow Ribbon Program

Policy 03:31:00 Alternative Loans Process, Disbursement, and Repayment

Policy 03:32:00 Adherence of DoD MOU Requirements

Policy 03:33:00 Religious Accommodations

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