Covid-19 Updates and Resources

On Campus Activities

Student Services, Events, and Visitors on Campus

Student Services

All student services will be open and accessible for students in staggered business hours during the Fall 2020 quarter. Services will be provided virtually, whenever possible. Some services will offer extended hours virtually. Offices and waiting areas will be adjusted to maintain physical distancing. Plexiglass, separators, and sneeze guards have been installed, where necessary.

Offices and waiting areas feature the installation of floor decals to assist with adherence to physical distancing requirements.  Offices and services will require appointments for any face-to-face sessions to ensure safety protocols are met. Each office/service will have information regarding how to make an appointment on the College's portal as well as posted outside the office door.  For the safety of employees and students, appointments to meet either through Zoom or face-to-face MUST be scheduled ahead of time. 


All meetings, events, and social gatherings will follow local, state, federal, and CDC guidelines. This includes any meetings, events, or social gatherings hosted or attended by faculty, staff, students, alumni and visitors/guests of Platt College.

All faculty, staff and student (including student organizations) meetings should take place virtually whenever possible. If a meeting must occur in person, it should be limited to 10 people and should occur in a space that allows for adherence to physical distancing guidelines.

The sizes of permissible gatherings will be determined by Governor Polis' plan in accordance with the most-recent guidance from the health officials. It is important to remember that, even when gatherings are allowed, adherence to physical distancing guidelines and the use of face coverings are still required.

Visitors on Campus

Whenever possible, visitors to campus should be limited. Virtual opportunities for engagement with Platt College is encouraged. All campus visitors are expected to abide by the guidelines set forth in this document. This includes adherence to the following personal health guidelines: (1) Self-monitoring, (2) Respiratory etiquette, (3) Wearing a face covering, (4) Personal hygiene, (5) Staying home when sick, and (6) Physical distancing.  Face coverings must be worn at all times. And visitors must abide by the health guideline set forth in this document. Visitors must sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting common areas and/or individual offices. Platt College has adopted a no-handshaking policy. Please do not be offended, but members of the College community will not be shaking hands during visits.

Potential applicants are encouraged to conduct business virtually.  All information sessions and appointments with potential applicants will be scheduled virtually.