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What program does Platt College offer?

Platt College offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and it is a 3 year program, this is the only program offered.  

How is admission decided?

After the applicant has completed all college and program admission requirements, the student’s application file is reviewed, in accordance with the BSN Admission Screening Tool, by the Admissions Committee.

Do I need any prerequisites for the BSN program before attending Platt College?

No. Prerequisites, certifications, licensures or degrees are not needed to apply. An official high school transcript from an accredited high school and/or official GED is required to start the application process.

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The Application Process at Platt College is simple and can be completed in a few easy steps. We are here to guide you along every step of the way.

Are you eligible for admissions at Platt?

U.S. Citizens

A student must be one of the following to be eligible for admission: U.S. citizen or national , U.S. permanent resident, or eligible noncitizen. You are a US citizen if you were born in the US or certain territories in Samoa or the Swains Islands or if you were born abroad to US citizens or have obtained citizenship through naturalization.

Eligible Non-U.S. Citizens

Eligible noncitizens are individuals with the USCIS designation of refugee, asylum granted, Cuban-Haitian entrant, conditional entrant, victim of human trafficking, T-visa holder, battered immigrant-qualified alien, child of person under VAWA, or a citizen of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands or Republic of Palau. For more information regarding eligibility, please contact admissions.

Select your Enrollment Status

You are currently attending or have previously attended an accredited institution of higher education approved by the US Department of Education are planning transferring credits that meet our transfer policy

You currently live in the United States and have obtained legal citizenship status or permanent residency status and are considering enrollment

You are considering enrollment into college for the first-time, whether you are a high school student or individual who wants to enroll in college

You are an active-duty or armed forces veteran with a JST considering enrollment