COVID-19 Updates and Resources


Regarding Safe Practices on Campus During COVID

What do we do prior to arriving on campus?

Prior to your arrival to campus, you will need to complete the pre screening protocol on the honor system.  Your temperature will NOT be taken prior to entering, but we do require a one-time training prior to entering and a daily self screening prior to entering the building. o entering the building. 

What do we do when we arrive on campus?
  • Once you arrive on campus, stay in your car until 7:45 (for morning classes) or 12:45 (for afternoon classes).  Enter the building socially distanced and in groups of no more than 2.  While the building will open at 7:30 each morning and will be open after morning classes, we ask that students not congregate in the building.  Further we ask that students not congregate in the parking lots as well.
  • Employees may enter as early as 7:15 am, but will need to maintain social distancing upon entering and exiting the building.  
Once on campus, where should we go?

Once on campus, students should go to their classrooms and socially distance.  Employees should report to their office spaces.  If an employee works in an office that closes, the door should remain closed while working. 

What should I bring to campus?

Only bring the items you need for that particular day on campus.  Items you should include are water bottles, a meal or snacks, and a facial covering that must be worn from entering the campus to exiting the campus.  Employees who are by themselves in offices may remove their masks while alone in their offices with the office doors closed. 

Can we make copies while on campus?

We highly encourage students and employees to go contact paperless.  If a student must make copies, the library will be open for students, but only 3 individuals in addition to the staff may enter at a time.  We ask that students wipe down the copier after each use. We also ask that students do not line up in the hallway to enter the library.  If copies are needed for people in the same course, then students could send their copies to print, and one student could pick up all copies to mitigate the number of people. 

How do we enter and exit the building?

All individuals will enter the main front double doors and exit through the back door staircase.  If the elevator is needed, individuals may enter and exit through the front door, but only one individual is allowed in the elevator at a time.

I just completed an exam, where should I wait until others finish?

We ask that you remain quietly in the classroom instead of congregating in the hallways.  

When on break, is their anything I need to know regarding the bathrooms?

In order to maintain a high volume of people at the bathrooms at one time, we ask that you use the restrooms when needed instead of waiting to all go on a break.  The bathrooms upstairs are to be used by students and employees working upstairs.  The downstairs bathrooms are open for employees who work downstairs or need accommodations entering and exiting the restrooms.  Only 2 people are allowed in the restrooms at a time.  We ask that individuals do not form lines waiting to enter the restrooms.

Are there guidelines on how to exit the building?

Faculty will release students by rows when the class ends.  Students should exit socially distanced in groups of two.  Employees should stagger their exits at 5:00 pm each evening. 

Can we use the refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker on campus?

Yes, you may use the refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker on campus. We ask that you wipe down each machine after use. Food is not allowed to be placed back into the refrigerator and left overnight. 

Are the vending machines stocked now that we have returned?

Yes, you may use vending machines in the building, but we ask that you wipe the machine after usage.

Can we use the water fountain to fill up our waterbottles?

No, the water fountains have been blocked off for safety reasons.  Make sure to bring enough water in your waterbottle to last you throughout the day or you may use the vending machine to purchase a bottle of water. 

I have a question for a staff member, can I stop by their office?
  • While we encourage meetings using zoom, we also realize that sometimes a need to see a staff member may arise.  On each office door is a sign that either says "please knock" in green or "out of office" in orange.  If the dial is turned to "out of office" that means the employee is working from home.  Our staff will be available on campus Monday through Wednesday with the option to work from home on Thursdays and Fridays each week unless involved in simulation. The building will still remain open on Thursdays and Fridays for normal business hours. 
  • Simply knock on the door and the staff member will exit to an open classroom space where social distancing can occur.  Please do not come to campus simply to meet with a staff member, if the meeting can be accomplished virtually.
How can I meet with my faculty member?

We encourage virtual meetings, but if already on campus and your faculty member is on campus, meetings may be held in any open classroom that allows for proper social distancing. 

Is there a quiet place to study on campus?

While we have always provided quiet study access, during COVID we are asking for students to be on campus only to attend class.  To mitigate the number of people on campus at once, we ask that students study from home.  

How often is the building cleaned?

The building is cleaned nightly by a professional cleaning company who uses EPA approved products.  

Do I have part in cleaning?

Yes.  The classrooms are cleaned nightly for the morning classes, and again between 12:00 and 1:00 prior to afternoon classes beginning.  It's a shared responsibility to clean.  We ask that students spray their learning areas with the EPA spray provided in each classroom.  A light coat spray is plenty to sanitize the area.  Note: if using the spray, do NOT use bleach wipes as well.  It becomes toxic if both are used.