Academic Policies and Procedures

Policy 02:21:00

Records Requirements for Clinical Placement


To define the records requirements for students' clinical/simulation placements

What is the week-by-week clinical/simulation compliance each quarter?

In order to become compliant and remain compliant for clinical and simulation rotations, students will need to follow the following week-by-week guide each quarter:

  1. Chart Detailing Weekly Compliance
  2. Pictorial Chart Detailing Weekly Compliance

Revision Responsibility: Clinical Placement Coordinator

Responsible Executive Office: Associate Dean of Nursing

Revised:  July 19, 2018 to include Complio requirements, My Clinical Exchange requirements, and orientation requirements, and Responsible Executive Office, Revised: June 15, 2010, Revised: January 17, 2011 to reflect revised organizational chart, Revised: November 14, 2011 to reflect addition of background check, drug screen, and flu shot, October 20, 2017 to reflect changes in compliance by using Complio and to reflect a change from 60 days to 30 days prior to the start of a quarter for clinical schedule to be released.


Annual Regulatory Training REquirments

Students are required to complete this training initially during orientation and then renew annually during the fall quarter for the entire time they are enrolled as students at Platt College. The competency is required to be documented in the areas of HIPAA, bloodborne pathogens and prevention of infection, and cultural sensitivity or as determined by the Alliance for Clinical Education (ACE) and/or clinical agency affiliates. This competency is accomplished through the completion of quizzes with a benchmark of 80% or higher. Students who do not reach the benchmark will be required to retake the quiz(zes) to reach the competency benchmark. All students must upload the Annual Regulatory Quizzes Certificate of Completion in Complio on or before January 1 of the upcoming year, which serves as the annual expiration date.

Health REquirements

Prior to the start of each clinical rotation, compliance documentation for each student is verified through Complio, a cloud-based document management service provided through American Data Bank.  Compliance Officers at Complio verify compliance documentation necessary for students to attend their clinical learning experience. Once approved, compliance documentation is maintained in Complio. Approved compliance documentation is linked into a student’s My Clinical Exchange account to attest compliance to attend a clinical rotation. It is the student’s responsibility to link their Complio account to their My Clinical Exchange Account. 

Complio's Definition of Documentation Compliance
  • Acceptable Document: Documents submitted to Complio must have a physician or provider’s name typed or stamped on the compliance documentation. 
  • Rejected Document: Written documentation is not validated nor accepted by Complio.  Written documents might include, but is not limited to: a physician or provider’s handwritten notes or attestations.  Documents are not accepted if the compliance officer at Complio is unable to read the document or results.  Students should ensure that uploaded documents are clear and readable.  Requirements to validate compliance are based upon requirements from the Colorado Health Care organizations, educational institutions and regulatory agencies. 
Simulation Documentation

Students should enter the first day of your first terms as your program the start date.  For example, if the first day of class for the quarter is September 11, 2020, then that is date to be used.  The program start date can be found on the back of a student’s Platt College ID.  

The Orientation Document and Consent Form for simulation will need to be uploaded by Friday at midnight MST of week 3 of a student’s 2nd quarter in the program during simulation orientation.

Compliance status is achieved when all of the compliant categories have been approved. It takes at a minimum 48 to 72 hours for submitted documentation to be approved. Students must have an overall compliant status to be placed in a nursing class and clinical rotation. The overall status must be compliant at the beginning of week eight of each term for students to be registered into a nursing course and scheduled for a clinical rotation the following quarter. Click on the links to the left under FAQs to see the week-by-week timeline for clinical compliance for each quarter. Simulation documentation is completed with SIM team in Simulation Orientation beginning second quarter

*Forms and other information available at

Leave of Absences Regarding Compliance

Students are on a leave of absence (LOA) from the College are still responsible for being fully compliant in Complio according to the timeline above prior to the week eight cutoff date to ensure clinical/simulation placement upon their return.

Complio Notifications

Students are notified through their College email at four intervals in advance by Complio regarding their compliance documentation for student clinical placements that are due to expire.  The interval notifications are sent 60 days, 30 days, 1 week, and the day of expiration for clinical compliance. Students’ records must be uploaded and approved in Complio by the Friday of the 7th week of every quarter in order to be eligible for the subsequent quarter’s clinical/simulation rotations. Students’ overall status in Complio should state “compliant” in order to be in good standing. 

Requirements from Students

The following items are reviewed by Complio in order to comply with Joint Commission Standard HR .1.20; FERPA (Federal Law ‐ 20 U.S.C. 1232g, 34 C.F.R. Part 99) and the Affiliation Agreement prior to beginning orientation or patient care in the clinical setting:

Students are required to submit the items below by their specific due date in Complio and My Clinical Exchange. If the student does not meet all of the requirements below and/or documentation has not been approved within Complio and My Clinical Exchange by the due date, they will be unable to attend clinical. This may result in a course being removed from your schedule for the following quarter or a clinical failure, which may result in an overall course failure.  Students must be compliant in Complio with the following components; however, My Clincal Exchange may include site-specific documents that must also be complete by the stated due date.  In addition, clinical sites may require mandatory additional training and orientation prior to, or during, clinical rotation.  These dates, if applicable, will be communicated to the student upon availability, as these dates vary by clinical site.

Background Check Completion

  • Will complete through Complio

 Drug Screening

  • Will complete through Complio


  • 2 doses or positive titer


  • Requirements are one of the following:
    • Annual PPD skin test
    • Chest x-ray for TB (good for 5 years) with Platt TB Screening Form completed annually
    • Quanterferon blood test (good for 5 years) with Platt TB Screening Form completed annually


  • Required every 10 years

Hepatitis B

  • 3 doses; Dose 1 and 2 must be a minimum of 4 weeks apart; Dose 2 and 3 must be a minimum of 8 weeks apart
  • If receiving Hep A - Hep B together, then dose 2 and 3 must be a minimum of 5 months apart
  • If immunizations do not fall within above guidelines, must have a positive titer


  • 2 doses that must be 4-8 weeks apart
  • If did not receive vaccine, but had varicella as a child, must have a positive titer


  • Yearly – due dates on Platt website

 Physical Exam

  • Done once at beginning of program - Must use *Platt Physical Form

CPR Certification

  • CPR MUST be Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Provider and done through American Heart Association.  Other sites that follow AHA guidelines will NOT be accepted.
  • Can find acceptable AHA links on Platt’s website

 Health Insurance

  • Must have personal health insurance to attend clinical
  • Platt does NOT offer personal health insurance

Annual Regulatory Training Form

  • New Students: Due prior to New Student Orientation date
  • In-School Students: Always due January 1st of every year

Note: As a college of nursing in which students must complete part of their program requirements in clinical settings, Platt College requires that all enrolled students are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. An individual is considered fully vaccinated 14 days after the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. For more information regarding COVID-19 vaccination requirements, visit Policy 02:27:00 Student COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

Compliance Status

Students will not be allowed to enroll in courses if they are not compliant with the requirements set forth in this policy. The Associate Dean in collaboration with the Clinical Placement Coordinator will notify the Registrar of student compliance status at the intervals stated above. Students whose health documents expire during the quarter while they are enrolled in a nursing course with a clinical component, will be prevented from attending clinical for the period of time it takes to reach compliance status in Complio. The student will receive a clinical day failure for each day they are unable to attend clinical. In accordance with Policy 02:20:00 Clinical/Clinical Simulation Placement.  If this absence exceeds more than 10% of the total clinical contact hours for that respective clinical course, a failure will be issued for the practicum and each associated nursing course component.

Students will be removed from clinical rotations by the Associate Dean for failure to maintain current clinical requirements. Clinical absences due to failure to maintain current clinical requirements will result in a $50.00/hour charge to the student’s account for each clinical day missed.

Clinical schedules are released to students 30 days prior to the beginning of each quarter.