COvid-19 Updates and REsources

Return to Campus & Enter Daily

Safety While on Campus

Return to Campus for the First Initial Time

Prior to returning to campus for the first time post COVID-19, each student and employee will be required to take a one-time skillsoft training called Returning to Campus-Post COVID-19.   Student can access this one-time course in the student portal.  Please bring your confirmation email with you when you return on day one to verify completion.  Employees will need to complete the course either through their portal or through a link provided to them.  Proof of completion will be placed in each employee's personal file.

Daily Campus Entry for Employees and Students

Step One: Each student and employee will need to self-assess using the COVID-19 Screening Protocol prior to entering the building.

Step Two: Each student and employee will need a mask to enter the building. 

Step Three: Each student and employee will need to enter through the main entrance to enter the upstairs classrooms and offices.  The back entrance will temporarily be closed for entry or exit to or from the building.  Students and employees entering the downstairs  offices will need to enter using social distancing guidelines.  Please do NOT gather in the hallways.  Additionally, we ask that students, after they finish an examination do not gather and sit in the hallways, please exit the building or remain in the classroom until completion.

Per CDC consideration (6/30/20), testing of all students, faculty and staff is not recommended for institutions of Higher Education since it is unknown whether it provides any additional reduction in person-to-person transmission of the virus beyond what would be expected with implementation of other infection preventive measures (e.g., social distancing, cloth face covering, hand washing, enhanced cleaning and disinfection).

Maintaining Safety While on Campus

For more specific information, visit Requirements While On Campus.

  1. From building entry, go directly to your classroom, lab, or office.
  2. Follow masks proctols while one campus.
  3. Follow the established procotols while in classes, the restrooms, shared spaces or the elevator.
  4. Stay 6 feet away from others at all times.
  5. Do not congregate inside or outside of the building.
  6. Follow all posted signage, and entries and exits to the building.
  7. Disinfect your work space or classroom space.
  8. Leave campus once you are finished for the day.