Platt College located in Aurora, Colorado, is nestled eight miles west of Denver. Aurora is a community founded in 1891 near the Rocky Mountains. With 300 days of sunshine every year over a beautiful array of the Rocky Mountains, award-winning restaurants, art, world-class museums and a large number of major health care systems, the Platt College area blends urban sophistication with outdoor adventure. Platt College was founded by President emeritus Jerald B. Sirbu in June 1986. Mr. Sirbu's vision still remains true today, the student always comes first.

  • 1879: Platt College originates in Missouri 
  • 1980: The San Diego campus is founded, with emphasis in Drafting, Floral Design, Travel/Tourism and Production Art (the Denver school was originally a branch campus of the San Diego school)
  • 1986: The Denver Extension is founded with the intent of emphasizing Business Technology in addition to Floral Design and Production Art
  • 1987: Graphic Design is added
  • 1989: Computer Graphics is added
  • 1990: The American Education Development Corporation purchases the College
  • 1991: Associate of Applied Science Degree programs are added
  • 1992: Electronic Prepress Technology is introduced, followed by an Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Advanced Computer Graphic Design
  • 1996: Advanced Programs are introduced emphasizing Interactive Multimedia Graphics and Webpage Design
  • 1997: Bachelor of Arts Degree Programs with specialization in the Graphic Arts and Advertising are added
  • 2000: Information Technology Networking and Website Design are added
  • 2005: The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program is developed
  • 2010: Media Arts is added with an emphasis in web technologies, advanced web design and web programming
  • 2012: Graphic Design is eliminated
  • 2013: Online (blended) education is added
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