How it All Began....

Platt College located in Aurora, Colorado, is nestled eight miles west of Denver. Aurora is a community founded in 1891 near the Rocky Mountains. With 300 days of sunshine every year over a beautiful array of the Rocky Mountains, award-winning restaurants, art, world-class museums and a large number of major health care systems, the Platt College area blends urban sophistication with outdoor adventure.

Platt College is often described as a higher education treasure that deeply cares about its students and employees. In fact, we are a nursing College dedicated above all else to student success.  Platt College’s primary mission is to offer a bachelor's degree in nursing that provides students with competencies, skills, and levels of education for employment and continued success in higher education. 

In 1980, the San Diego campus was founded and enrollment of students began.  Six years later, the Denver extension was founded by Jerald B. Sirbu, founding President/CEO. Platt College offered diploma programs from 1986-1990, began associate of applied science degree programs in 1991, and added baccalaureate degrees in 1997.  In 2005, the School of Nursing at Platt College admitted their first class.  In 2013, online education was added to the nursing curriculum. Today, the College offers one degree-a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 36 months.