Platt College Alumni

Graduation and Pinning

Congratulations to Our Graduates

Congratulations graduates! Please accept our warmest and sincerest congratulations for your academic achievement. Be proud of yourself for this accomplishment, and know that everyone at Platt College is proud of you as well. 

Pinning and commencement is a special occasion and the faculty, staff and administration works hard to ensure that your ceremony is memorable for you, your family and friends.

Remember to check this website often as Platt College communicates official information to graduating candidates and guests through this page.

All graduates are encouraged to attend the graduation/pinning ceremony. No rehearsal is held. The following information will be helpful in order to be fully prepared for this occasion. Please read the information carefully.

Upcoming Graduation/Pinning Ceremonies 2024

Cohort and DateTimeLocation
(Cohort 61) March 22, 2024 10:00 am Hilton Garden Inn
Denver Tech Center
7675 E Union Ave
Denver, CO 80237
(Cohort 62) June 14, 202410:00 am Hilton Garden Inn
Denver Tech Center
7675 E Union Ave
Denver, CO 80237
(Cohort 63) September 6, 202410:00 am Hilton Garden Inn
Denver Tech Center
7675 E Union Ave
Denver, CO 80237
(Cohort 64) December 6, 202410:00 am Hilton Garden Inn
Denver Tech Center
7675 E Union Ave
Denver, CO 80237

Caps, Gowns, Tassels, and Announcements

Gaps, gowns, tassels, and announcements are provided by Platt College. Announcements are sent via email to graduates' email account electronically. Students may then print as many announcements as they need, Platt College does not cover this cost. While there is no limit to how many announcements students may send out, students are allowed no more than nine guests to attend the ceremony. Graduation gowns are ordered for students based on height and weight. Information regarding height and weight is gathered on graduation degree questionnaire forms through the Registrar. Graduates are given the questionnaire during their last quarter of enrollment. Once caps and gowns have been ordered and received by the College, graduating students must pick them up from the Registrar's Office. Graduating students are notified of when they can pick them up via email.

Platt College Nursing Pins

The official Platt College Nursing Pin is available for each graduate to order.  Students are provided an order form and provided a deadline in which to order during their last quarter of study.  It is the student's responsibility to order his/her own pin on or prior to the deadline.  The official order form may be accessed here. The official nursing pin is ordered through:


In care of Danny Zbikowski

2033 Oak Industrial DR. NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Hotel Reservation for Guests

For out-of-town guests who will attend graduation, the Hilton Garden Inn offers a discount rate for friends and family members of graduates. 

Assembly and Ceremony

Graduates should arrive by 9:30 a.m. The Registrar will direct the students on where they need to be and how to line up. Please give the Registrar your complete attention. Prior to the ceremony, the Registrar will have students fill out name cards. Please fill out your name and how to say it phonetically for the announcer. Graduates must be ready for the ceremony at 10:00 a.m. Graduates sit in alphabetical order according to degree program. The announcer will read their names. Each graduate should then walk across the platform and receive their diploma from the President. Graduates shake hands with the President using their right hand and accept the diploma with their left. Graduates should then walk across the rest of the stage, down the stairs, and sit back in their seats.


Family and friends are permitted to get up from their seats to take pictures during the ceremony. Following the ceremony, family and friends are welcome to use the stage and backdrops for photos.

Diplomas and Official Transcripts

At the graduation ceremony, each graduate receives a diploma cover from the President. Most students will already have the diploma inside of the diploma cover. If you do not have a diploma in the diploma cover, this is most likely because you still have a financial obligation to the College. If you have any questions regarding why you have no diploma, please contact the Chief Financial Officer at 303-369-5151. If you choose not to attend the graduation ceremony, you must pick up your diploma and diploma cover from Platt College. If you live out-of-state, Platt College can mail you your diploma and diploma cover. If this is the case, it will be mailed to your home address on file at the College via certified mail. If you have recently moved, please be sure to change your address on file at the College as that is where the diplomas will be sent. Platt College is not responsible for lost diplomas because of incorrect addresses. A replacement diploma is $25.00. In addition to diplomas, each graduate will be given two official transcripts-one for the NCLEX and one for personal records. Again, if you have a financial obligation with the college, the graduate will only be given one official transcript-for the NCLEX. Unofficial transcripts are always available online at the student portal.

Academic Honors

Academic honors are noted on the diploma and official transcript. Students who have earned honors wear medals with ribbon colors that denote which award they have received during graduation.

Bachelor Degrees

  1. Cum Laude (3.50-3.75)- Red
  2. Magna Cum Laude (3.75-3.99)- Blue
  3. Summa Cum Laude (4.00)- Gold

President's Medal

The President’s Medal is awarded to one graduate and one Platt College employee. This award is chosen by the faculty and staff at Platt College for the individual that best represents the College’s Mission and Core Values. Platt College President’s Award recipients receive a medal with a purple ribbon. One student is awarded quarterly. One employee is awarded annually in June.

Faculty and Staff Regalia

Fulltime faculty and staff are required to attend all graduation/pinning ceremonies. Below are companies fulltime faculty and staff may purchase or rent graduation regalia from. Employees can, of course, exercise other options for gown purchase or rental. Faculty and staff should wear regalia indicating their highest degree earned.

  • Purchase: Graduation Source or Grad Shop 
  • Rental: Based in Loveland, employees can contact Representative Peggy Hawkins Shepherd by email or phone at 970-663-2668 to assist you with your rental. The form for order can be found here (please note the deadlines to order).

Platt College does not cover the price for fulltime faculty and staff graduation regalia rental or purchase. Platt College also does not act as a liaison for the purchase or rental of employee gowns. Employees must make arrangements to obtain their graduation regalia on their own.

Further Information

If you need additional information not found on this page of the website, please contact the Registrar's Office by email or at (303)-369-5151.